Incredible microscope view of a vinyl record playing in slow motion

I don’t care that I supposedly understand how vinyl records work because I still totally think they’re the work of at least some low level sorcery. Trapping sound and music and voices? Come on! Anyways, my disbelief aside of analog technology aside, here’s a cool microscope view of vinyl records being played.


The video by Applied Science also delves into how they managed to capture the footage using an electron microscope. A little bit technical but really interesting stuff.


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Organized Chaos

I’ve never been fond of Sploid’s practice of taking other people’s content, turning it into an animated .gif, then slapping their own Sploid watermark on it. But this is even worse, in my opinion. The gentleman in the video painstakingly processes all his data and turns the final product into, not a video, but an actual animated .gif. Sploid then comes along, takes a clip from his video (which is literally the .gif he created) and slaps their watermark on it. They made a .gif from his .gif and call it their own.