Incredible Mindstorms NXT Theater Creates Pirate Battle On Lego Seas

First of all, this whole motorized Lego theater set up is legit. Skip to about 2:30 for a behind-the-scenes look at how it all works. Second of all, this is absolutely amazing.

For you NXT fans and collectors, here's a parts list for this fantastic creation:

- One Intelligent NXT Brick
- One NXT Rechargeable Battery
- Three NXT Servo Motors
- One NXT Light Sensor
- One NXT IR Link (HiTechnic)
- Two Power Functions IR Receivers
- Two Power Functions Light Sets
- Four Power Functions M-Motors
- One Power Functions XL-Motor
- Three Power Functions Battery Boxes
- Three Power Functions Extension Wires


Creator NextStorm promises a more detailed explanation for this fine creation, but for now this video will do just fine. [NextStorm via Brothers Brick]

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. . . . Ghostbuster

Totally photoshopped.