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India's $10 Sakshat Laptop "Announcement" Is a Complete Bust

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While we thought that we'd see some incredible unveiling of the India's $10 but really $20 but really $10 laptop, their public announcement today was a complete waste of time and hype.


We know nothing new, save for the name. It's called the Sakshat. It will cost $20 at launch but is promised to drop to $10 six months later. And it features 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi and ethernet while consuming just 2W of power...which we knew.

Screen size? Processor? Battery life? Software? Launch date? Pictures? Fuzzy pictures? Nah, that stuff is for real products. Right now, this is vaporware. No, it's not even that. It's some second grader sitting in the back of the bus, convincing his classmates that, really, his dad used to play basketball with Michael Jordan and that, seriously, he's totally hooking up with a seventh grader over at Parkland Middle School. [InformationWeek]