Inflatable Bike Case Protects Your Wheels When Traveling

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A niche market, yes, but when you reach a certain age and the idea of going on a cycling-and-camping holiday in a foreign country appeals, you've got to consider how to transport your bike over.


I've always thought just hiring a bike in the chosen country would work out cheaper, but some people have spent too much time—and money—pimping their bikes to optimum levels and would rather walk than ride a hire bike. So! Onto the inflatable Helium case, from Biknd.

For starters, you'll need to remove the bike's wheels, seat, pedals and handlebar, so it all fits into the bike pack. It's made from flexible nylon and polyester, with a Cordura nylon crank and chain-stay cover. Then comes the novel part, and the reason Biknd named the case the Helium.

Connect a foot pump, and pumping it a few hundred times will inject enough air into it that it'll inflate the bag—protecting the bike from bumps in the luggage hold of a plane. Wheels make it easy to drive through airports, bearing in mind the deflated case alone weighs 9.5kgs.

Did I mention the price? No? It's $600—so you've got to be a real bike enthusiast to outlay that kind of moolah on transporting your cherished wheels about. [Biknd via Oh! Gizmo via Wired]


FYI don't tell the airport its a bike. Say "bike parts." (Which is of course still true, from a certain point of view).