Inquirer: Every Nvidia Graphics Card With G84 or G86 Chipset Is Ready to Die

Illustration for article titled Inquirer: Every Nvidia Graphics Card With G84 or G86 Chipset Is Ready to Die

Those overheating Nvidia laptop graphics cards that are dying en masse? The Inquirer is reporting that "all the G84 and G86 parts are bad. Period. No exceptions," on mobile and desktop. Those chipsets are in pretty much every GeForce 8-series graphics card below the 8800s (here's a complete list of cards and chipsets). Notably, that means every MacBook Pro since the Santa Rosa update has the bad cards, which fail at a "higher-than-normal" rate.


The root of the problem is the substrate/bumping material, which Nvidia themselves had characterized as "weak." The G84 and G86 chipsets use the same application-specific integrated circuit, which the Inquirer has been told had no changes made to it during its life cycle-besides, Nvidia wouldn't change the assembly process or materials for a single batch, according to engineers. So Nvidia's official claim, that the weak materials were only used for a single batch, doesn't hold so much water. And as the Inquirer points out, their fix, to run the fan more to offseat the heat issue simply covers up the problem while it drains your battery.

If this is all true, Nvidia better have more than $200 million set aside for fixes. [The Inquirer



@Agent-199: I feel your pain. I researched the m1330 to death before getting it, and because of all the users who were getting total system failures from the 8400's in the m1330, I configured mine with the integrated x3100 instead (hey, I'm not really using something as small as an m1330 for gaming anyway).

In your position, I would call Dell and work my way up to a manager and request a replacement laptop with an x3100 chipset instead of the 8400. Yes, it will drop your gaming performance (what little the 8400 could do anyway), but your laptop also won't asplode on your nads in a few months.

Just sayin'.