According to the Press Democrat, 20-year old auto glass repairman, and parkour instructor, Andre Hurley paid Caleb Raff, owner of The Brick Hutt Lego store, $15,000 for a one-of-kind, platinum Avohkii Mask of Light. The piece is from the discontinued Lego Bionicle line. This is believed to be the most expensive Lego piece ever sold.

Hurley already had the solid Gold Hau mask from the Bionicle line, which he bought for $3,000. Only five were ever sold. Hurley is considered one of the world's foremost Bionicle collectors.


The Press Democrat reports:

The Platinum Avohkii Mask of Light was the grand prize in the Cartoon Network's Toonami Sweepstakes in October 2003. An 11-year-old Santa Rosa boy, Chase Koches, won the mask, along with a number of other prizes, including Bionicle toys and Lego sets, a DVD player, Nike Bionicle athletic shoes and a 36-inch flat-screen television.

In 2003, the mask had an estimated value of $7,000. It stayed with Koches until 2012, when he decided to sell it for needed cash. In the fall of that year, he sold it to Raff, who then put it up for auction on eBay.

Raff got offers of more than $15,000, some of them coming from overseas.

Raff and Hurley started negotiating a sale last fall. During that time, Raff said he made a connection with Hurley and held off from selling to others so that Hurley could come up with the money.

The $15,000 price surpasses the current sale price of the most expensive Lego brick ever sold: a 14-karat gold 2x4 Lego brick currently listed for $14,449.99 at The gold brick was purchased by for $12,500.

According to reports, the brick was awarded to certain longtime Lego workers in Germany from 1979 to 1981.


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