Insane RC Plane Pilot Screws Gravity Laws and Our Minds

This video shows crazy RC airplane pilot Juan Sánchez doing some of the most amazing stunts we have ever seen. Watch as he suspends his gigantic aircraft model in the air, making it float vertically over the runway as he walks around it. He was showing his amazing skills at the latest Air Festival for Big Models and Jets, celebrated last week in Xativa, Spain. [CAX77 - Thanks Joel]

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Not to take away from his skills, but this type of flying has been widespread in r/c circles for a number of years now. It's all thanks to power to weight ratio (and skill). You can buy <$50 foamies (not inc. the electronics) that can do this.

Go to just about any r/c club flying field and you'll see guys (unfortunately there's not many girls in to r/c) doing this kind of thing. I've seen maneuvers a lot more impressive than in this video, albeit with much smaller planes. What's impressive about this guy is he's flying 3D in a big and expensive plane.

Incidentally, at one r/c flying show the announcer said that some pilot, after seeing the r/c guys flying, had tried to build a full-size plane that could do this. He nearly killed himself when it crashed!