Inside the Massive Boeing Dreamlifter

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This video shows the guts and construction process of the Dreamlifter. Used to transport the composite fuselage and immense wings of the 787 Dreamliner, Boeing built this beast in the USA because they couldn't find an aircraft to ferry these parts cheaply and on time through the world. Only four Dreamlifters have been made from passenger 747s, holding three times the volume of a 747 freighter. And as opposed to other cargo planes, like the Antonov, it looks so good inside that I would like to go live in there. Or set up a cocktail bar. Or both.

Boeing Dreamlifter Spec sheet

• Range: Dependent on payload but comparable to other members of the 747 family of aircraft.

• Wing Span: 211.5 feet (64.44 meters)

• Length: 235 feet, 2 inches (71.68 meters)

• Height (fin tip): 70 feet, 8 inches (21.54 meters)

• Swing Tail Cargo Door:Hinge on aft section of the fuselage

• Cruise Speed:Mach 0.82

• Cargo Capacity:65,000 cubic feet

• Maximum Takeoff Weight:803,000 lbs