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Inside the Nokia Lumia 920's Camera: A Lesser Form of PureView, but Floating Lens Tech Means Smooth Video

Illustration for article titled Inside the Nokia Lumia 920s Camera: A Lesser Form of PureView, but Floating Lens Tech Means Smooth Video

Nokia's Lumia 920 flagship Windows Phone looks promising, but the camera isn't quite what everyone was hoping for. Where as Nokia's 808 PureView phone packed a massive 41-megapixel sensor and mostly served as a proof of concept for the PureView tech, the Lumia 920's sensor is 8.7-megapixels, which Nokia says can capture 5x-10x more light that other sensors.


As Nokia pointed out last week, PureView is not a single technology or spec. So the tech in the Lumia 920 could function in an entirely different manner than what we saw in the 808. In fact, this iteration of PureView seems more focused on superior low light performance than anything else, which could be the most important thing for the average consumer.


And on the upside, the phone is equipped with what Nokia calls a floating lens. The benefit for you the user is image stabilization not only for photos, but also for video—especially video. Remember this teaser? This is likely what Nokia was teasing and it seems pretty excited about this new tech.

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They also said it gets 10x more light to the sensor than the best competitors smartphones, I think.