Instapaper iOS App Gets A Makeover With Latest Update

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Ooh la la! Looks like the Instapaper iOS app, one of our favorite tools, has received quite a makeover and plenty of new features in its latest update:

- Article list on iPhone now includes the first few lines of text from articles, like on iPad. On iPad, more text is now shown. The text is downloaded for new articles only: RE-DOWNLOAD ALL ARTICLES in Settings for it to apply to your previously downloaded articles.

- Article list now indicates approximate article length and progress with a row of dots, similar to how it's done on a Kindle's home screen.

- iPad updates are MUCH faster.

- iPhone can now toggle Dark mode from articles, like iPad, in the font panel.

- New option to switch to Dark mode automatically at night, based on sunset times in your region. (This is so cool.)

- Overhauled logins to tolerate username changes, give more helpful errors, and fix the "username is already taken" bug.

- New Sharing options: Send to OmniFocus, Send to QuickReader (supported by its next version), Copy Link, Copy Article Text. Also fixed sharing bugs with Twitter and Twittelator Pro.

- New option to skip the in-app Browser and open links directly in Safari.

- New feature to verify that you're using the same account in the app and Mobile Safari and sync to your choice of accounts if they differ.

- Simplified bookmarklet installation and improved help text.

- Fixed handing of in-page anchors (including most footnotes) and mailto: links.

- Added support for the "ihttp://" URL scheme, so if you can't get the bookmarklet, the email address, or Copy working to add pages, you can edit Safari's URL field and insert an "i" before the "http://", tap Go, and Instapaper will launch and offer to add that page.

- Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

If you've purchased Instapaper already, you should be able to download the update now. Otherwise you'll need to drop five bucks at the iTunes store first. [iTunes]