Instapaper Is Finally on Android

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Android's getting all the pretty toys lately. A few weeks after finally getting in on Instagram, Android finally has its own official Instapaper client. It's available for $3 in the Google Play store, and looks a whole lot like the iOS version, though your purchase doesnt seem to carry over if you own the app for your iPhone or iPad.


It's been a long wait for Instapaper to arrive in an official capacity—there are plenty of proxy-type workarounds now—but it's nice that well-respected app makers are deciding to give Android users a chance to prove the you-will-never-make-any-money-off-of-us-ever rep wrong. [Instapaper via Verge]


Can someone explain what Instapaper is? I'm an all android user.

I see references to ReadItLater (now Pocket) which I use and like, but is it similar? What do people like about it, find useful, better?


(Yes, I could google it, but I like hearing from people who actually use it).