At some point in the history of human development mankind looked down at the humble crayon and wondered if it had more creative potential than just being used to color inside a line. It turns out the answer was yes, and crayon carving has become so popular there are even Etsy shops dedicated to it. But why spend your money on someone else's carved-up crayon creation when Crayola will now let you make your own?

For $30, available in July, the Crayola Motorized Crayon Carver lets you etch letters, patterns, and even cartoony symbols into the side of a crayon. The kit comes with 40 customization tiles that can be mix-and-matched to create custom messages, and it's safe enough for kids six years and older to use since they're not actually handling the cutting blade. And, more importantly, the kit can't be used to carve anything other than crayons, so your furniture will be perfectly safe. [Crayola]


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