Intel's chips are finally going to start showing up in phones next year, and Ultrabooks are due soon, but it looks like the world's top chip maker's making a push in mobile software, too. Intel just bought Israel-based mapping software company Telmap for $300 to $350 million.

The impetus behind the deal is to create a "true alternative" to Google Maps and Nokia's Ovi. But more to the point, it's a huge and telling step for Intel, which has increasingly been expanding its purview outside of pure chip-making. Intel's AppUp blog notes that Telmap will help supply AppUp developers with a standard set of location-based APIs and software to make location services easier to add to their apps.


Telmap's services include mapping and navigation, location-based advertising and social integration, and ultra-local services like realtime traffic updates and event guides, and they expect the deal to close before the end of the year. [New York Times, Telmap, Intel]

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