Intel Buys RapidMind, a Company That Makes Multicore Parallel Programming Easier

Intel just picked up RapidMind, a company that specializes in making it easy for developers to optimize and program their applications for multicore processors. Their technology sounds a little bit like Apple's GrandCentral technology built into Snow Leopard, actually. It's an interesting move, since Intel already hires more software engineers than hardware dudes because of the difficulty of parallelism. [PC World]


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A shot in the dark... but you do realize, plasticmouse, why intel went multi-core don't you?

Moore's law be damned but they couldn't continue making single core CPUs faster due to heat constraints, among a few other things.

It's hard to keep growth when you can't improve things, so they went with multi-cores. Something seen on the business side of things for a while (multi-cpus)