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Intel Centrino Finally Juiced Up to 802.11n Spec

Illustration for article titled Intel Centrino Finally Juiced Up to 802.11n Spec

Starting later this month with Vista-loaded laptops from Acer, Asus, Gateway and Toshiba, Centrino Duo systems will come with Intel's new rhythmically named "Next-Gen Wireless-N" network setup, bringing them into line with the wave of other wireless-N products now hitting the market. It's obviously based on the draft 802.11n standard, but with approval coming ever closer , and Intel's new "Connect with Centrino" initiative—which specifically aims to ensure compatibility of its wireless-N setup with access points from Asus, Belkin, Buffalo, D-Link and Netgear, among others—conflicts with future N products seem unlikely. Of course, both Next-Gen Wireless-N and "Connect with Centrino" products will come with their own fancy "blah blah Intel" sticker, so be sure to scope it out before you take your new toys home if you're looking for some blistering 802.11n action.


New Intel Wireless Product for Laptops Extends Networking Speed and Range [eHomeUpgrade]

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