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Behold the new UMPC with Menlow, for it will "truly put the full Internet in your pocket"! According to the Intel Ultra Mobile Group Chief Evangelist, that is. And provided you have the pants of Krusty The Clown and are ready to take all kinds of "is that the full Internet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" jokes. The most interesting bit from Mark, showing the Compal prototype in Beijing, was his mention of the Ultra Mobile Platform 2008 running Windows, Linux and Mac OS X:

"This can also run Linux. We don't care what you put on it. [Can you run OS X?] Absol... you know? I bet you could, because the iPhone is going to be running OS X."


While a fully functional PC with 45 nanometer Silverthorn processor running Mac OS X won't be a surprise, it's nice to find that 1) Intel doesn't give a damn about Windows in the brave new world of mobility computing and 2) there seems to be an absol-I-bet-you-could possibility of Apple using Menlow for their next iPhone/Mini-me MacBooks.

In any case, the Compal-who-thinks-it's-a-PSP is a nice "fully functional PC" on its own, running for 4 to 6 hours on "cellphone batteries" with a panoramic touchscreen, sliding keyboard and support for all kinds of Wi-Fi and WiMax.

Blogging Beijing: Intel UMPC Prototype [Textura Design]

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