Intel Nehalem Chip Moniker Begets "Core i7" Branding

Illustration for article titled Intel Nehalem Chip Moniker Begets "Core i7" Branding

Those upcoming crazy fast Intel Nehalem chips we've profiled a bunch of times this year got an official name today, and in typical Intel fashion the subdued moniker does little to betray the speedy goodness housed within. The chip set will be called Core i7 in its first generation of products, and is also the first of Intel's processors to sport all four cores on a single piece of silicon. A black label version called the Extreme Edition will arrive alongside the standard i7, and will be geared more toward the high end market. [CNET]



matt buchanan

Yeah it's kind of odd considering trhat the whole point of Nehalem is that it's a completely different microarchitecture than the "Core" one.