Intel-Packing iMac Makes $402 iProfit?

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Jaws dropped when we found out the Xbox 360 was practically being given away, selling for a price that was less than the sum of its parts. That's not happening with the new dual core Intel iMac, according to analyst firm iSuppli. These guys took one of the new iMacs and dismantled it, put together a parts list and added it all up. Their conclusion? That $1,300 dual core iMac has $898 worth of parts inside. Of course, that doesn't include the mouse or keyboard, the software, or all the work it takes to put together one of those machines. The iSuppli analysts estimated the 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo T2400 processor inside cost about $265, and other parts making up the Intel south bridge and north bridge chipsets cost about $45 altogether. The ATI Radeon X1600 graphics card probably added about $30 to the cost, according to the analysts.


I would assume, though, that ace negotiator Steve Jobs is probably paying much less than anybody else ever will for every item on that entire parts list. Must be nice. The guy should write a book about how to be a ballbuster at the negotiating table. He ll have no time for book writing, though—he may be too busy running Disney.

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