Intelligent Bra to Give Ladies Less Bounce to the Ounce

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University researchers have invented a smart fabric that could help larger ladies in the fight against breast bounce—disappointing the legions of men who love watching girls run for buses in the process. The material, which contains tiny sensors, will be used by bra manufacturers in an attempt to improve the lot of the big-boobed who find even the slightest exertion a pain in the chest. More info (and slightly NSFW illustration) after the jump.

The team, at Wollongong University in Australia, tested two women, one 36D, the other 38DD on a treadmill at two speeds: 4.3mph; and 6.2mph. Their studies found that it was the bra straps that took the brunt of the strain, putting pressure on the women's shoulders, and leading to numbness and tingling. The jiggling (technical term is, I believe, vertical breast displacement) was as much as 2.7 inches in the case of the larger woman.

"As breast mass increases," deduced the researchers, "breast bounce momentum also increases, placing large loads on the straps and, in turn, excessive pressure on the wearer's shoulders. Apart from strap-related pain, many females, particularly large-breasted women, are restricted from participating in physical activity due to exercise-induced breast pain."


The findings are due to be published in the latest Journal of Biomechanics later this week. [Daily Mail]