Interesting iPhone App Roundup

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Other than the apps demoed during Apple's WWDC Keynote, there hasn't been much talk about really cool iPhone programs headed our way on July 11. Cult of Mac rounded up a few, and they're actually getting us kinda excited.

• Briefcase: Lets you connect to your Mac and download files remotely. Won't be out until September.


• Mariner Calc: Edit Excel documents.

• Whrrl: Like Yelp on the go.

• Morocco: Multiplayer Othello.

• Tap Tap Revenge: Like the old Tap Tap Revolution game on jailbroken iPhones.

Now if someone would only make an app that syncs To Do lists from your iCal, we'd get REALLY excited.


We also found this multiplayer Pong app, which we've seen before, but is something that we'd like to see more of from official apps. Multiplayer, that is.

[Cult of Mac]