Wireless Pong Between Multiple iPhones, iPod Touch

This has to be the coolest implementation of Pong ever: load the iPong application in two or three iPods touch units or iPhones, and start playing between them using your finger, with the ball actually passing from one screen to the other depending on the ball angle.

The software was made by Mr. Kondo—a colleague of Ryo Shimizu, CEO of Ubiquitous Entertainment—in an hour. We don't know if it will make its way to the iTunes store as a commercial product, but I hope it inspires other developers to use this kind of competitive—or collaborative—gameplay. [Asiajin via [Technabob]


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@Sora57: To the best of my recollection (which may have been altered at the time due to the fact that we wore roach clips as jewelry), the first Pong that I ever saw was a small hand held unit about 6"x8" with 3 red buttons down each of the sides. Arcades at the time had the old style pin-ball machines and nothing was really a video game yet. I looked on line and cant find a pic of it, though I did see some Pongs that are WAY older than I imagined, so apparently the one I had was not the first.

Now I am going to get out my mood ring and platform shoes and head for the Disco. Keep on Truckin...