Internal Microsoft Vista Video is as Painful as Videos Get

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You've gotta wonder how, in a company the size of Microsoft, there's not a single person who has the balls to step up and say "Hey, you know what? This Vista music video we're making for the sales department, complete with a cheesy Bruce Springsteen impersonator and horrible music, damages the dignity of not only everyone involved in its production, but everyone who watches it." Seriously, how did this little slice of cringe-inducing embarrassment ever get made? What year is this? I need to lie down. I'm sorry. Check the video after the jump. UPDATE: The video is an internal spoof, an insider confirms. First: Good for them saving their sense of style and decency and humor. Second: Could they please not spend the money staging fake concerts and really good spoof videos and keep the SP patch works coming? We kid because we love XP!

[NeoWin via CrunchGear]

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Here's what I think happened:

Whoever they paid to put this together made this one as a joke, so when Microsoft said 'What the hell is this crap?' they could say it was a joke and hand them the real one which they had with them the whole time...

Except Microsoft never said anything, so they just kinda had to keep their mouth shut and sneak away.

Though - you do have to appreciate their actual use of the 'enthusiastic jump into the air and freeze frame' (00:58)