Internet Exploder 8 Just Conquered the World (That's Kind of a Good Thing)

Internet Explorer 8 is the best browser Microsoft's ever shipped. It actually sorta tries to be compliant with modern web standards, or at least more so than its predecessors, so it's a huge leap forward, even if it's nowhere near WebKit-based browsers like Safari or Chrome on that front. So, I'm glad to see it's now the world's most-used browser, instead of IE6 or IE7, with 25.6 percent of the total market, according to Net Applications. [Windows Team Blog]


This doesn't really surprise me: every time I hear of a computer using IE7 or IE6, I upgrade it to IE8 regardless of whether the user wants it or not.

I'm not really that good at counting, but erring on the side of caution, I've probably upgraded at least a few million by now.

I'm kinda like Santa, but instead of sliding down your chimney once a year to leave presents and eat cookies, I just break into your house to upgrade your browser and delete your cookies.