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Microsoft's "compatibility list" of sites that don't render correctly in Internet Exploder 8 RC1—requiring some non-standards mojo from the browser to look right—numbers some 2,400. They're off-the-beaten-path sites like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and YouTube.


Mary Jo Foley posted what looks like the entire list of broken sites, but here are some of the more ridiculous sites that don't display properly in IE8, and require it to render them old school style (aka not web standards compliant). Here are some of the more laughable ones. (a Microsoft site) (In case you're wondering why you have problems in IE at Giz)


My eyes glazed over after a certain point, so if you see any other ridiculous entries, let us know in the comments.

Microsoft is going to constantly adjust the list, taking off sites that become compatible with its default "standards mode," and adding sites that people complain about. Here's the list for Vista users, and for XP people. Aside from this tragically amusing compatability issue—which Microsoft totally brought on itself by making Internet Exploder completely ignore web standards for years—IE8 is actually much better than IE7, and worth taking a look. [ZD Net]

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