Inventor of Crappy Electric Slide: Stop Dancing Like Crap

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Richard Silver, inventor of the totally awesome-except-not Electric Slide, has been filing DMCA requests left and right against YouTube and other outlets to make them pull down videos of people performing the dance—if you can call it that. Not only does he claim a copyright on the moves, *snicker* but he says that

Any video that shows my choreography being done incorrectly is being removed. I don't want future generations having to learn it wrong and then relearn it as I am being faced with now because of certain sites and (people) that have been teaching it incorrectly and without my permission. That's the reason I (copyrighted) it in the first place.

Dear Richard, you can have it back, all to yourself. Love, Gizmodo.

P.S.:Craptacular rendition of Electric Slide featured out of spite.

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