Invisible Tanks

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Patton would've killed for a battalion of these babies. The British Army's testing an "invisible" tank that works like the invisibility jacket Susumu Tachi put out a couple of years ago. Basically a camera/projector setup throws images of the surroundings onto the tank, letting you see through it, so it's not quite the kind of future-y awesomeness DARPA's working on. Yet, anyway, according to the project head: "The next stage is to make the tank invisible without them - which is intricate and complicated, but possible." Add a couple of legs and a rail gun, and we'll see Metal Gears walking around in no time. [Daily Mail via Geekologie]



Dear British Government,

My name is General Monty, and I have a squadron of two million tanks parked on your shores ready to take over your island. Do not bother searching for them, as they are invisible, so you will just have to take my word for it. Surrender at once or face certain follow-up emails on this subject.