iOS 13 Will Remind You to Cancel Those Bloodsucking Subscriptions

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Competition is great for the consumer, but it also means you end up having to keep tabs on umpteen different subscriptions for services like streaming music, movies, and even games. In an effort to ensure none of them get forgotten along the way, it appears as if iOS 13 will include some handy reminders about who you’re automatically paying every month.

On Twitter, Federico Viticci, editor in chief of MacStories, shared a screenshot of a pop-up that appeared on the second beta of iOS 13 while deleting an app with an active monthly subscription. The pop-up asks users if they want to keep the subscription active, but also reminds them that it could still be in use on other devices, as streaming services such as Spotify often are. It also includes details on when the subscription will automatically renew and offers a quick shortcut to iOS’ subscription list.


Although the screenshot was taken on an iPad, Viticci specifies that the tablet was running iOS 13, instead of the new iPad OS. Both are currently only available as betas to official Apple developers, but presumably, this feature will be included across the board when officially available to the public.