iPad 5 to Mimic the Mini’s Looks, Suggests Latest Parts Leak


The iPad 5 looks as though it’ll be taking its design cues from the little tablet that could, the iPad Mini, if the latest supply chain leak is to be believed. SW-Box has gotten its hands on what it claims is the latest Apple tablet shell, and it’s looking decidedly Mini-like.


Snuggling up next to the iPad 4 and an iPad Mini in the video above, the iPad 5 looks as if it has had its belt straps tightened a little, with a thinner bezel around the screen pulling in the overall width a tad. There’s also a more pronounced edge on the back compared to the iPad 4′s sloping curves, and the supposed iPad 5 case on show here seems to share the same slate-grey shade as the latest iPhone 5S handsets.

As for internals, the video doesn’t offer up anything new in the way of specs. But rumours suggest we won’t have long to wait until we get to see the iPad 5 on Apple’s own terms — the kings of Cupertino are said to be hosting another full-scale media event on October 15th, with the next generation slates likely to headline. [SW-Box via MacRumors]

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Good. I was hoping they'd do that :) Now it's all consistent.

For now.