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If you saw the iPad's SD and USB connector dongles and thought to yourself, "I swear I've seen those before," well, you might not be crazy after all. They look exactly the same as the iPod's camera connectors from 2005.


Right down to the little icon, the USB camera connecting nub that you'll be sticking into shiny new iPad is identical to the one your early-adopting forebearers were plugging into their fourth generation iPods back in 2005. Good design is timeless, I guess is the lesson here?

Though it's unclear if the iPod connectors will work with the iPad, Wired points out that when adjusted for inflation, the 2005 connector would cost about $31.59 today, while the iPad's camera connector kit, now available for preorder, is only $29 and comes with a USB dongle and an SD card one. Still overpriced, perhaps, but twice the value of the overpriced one from 2005. And that's progress. [Wired]

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