iPad/iPhone Darts Make This Whole Fanboy Lifestyle Worth It

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You've got an iPhone and an iPad. You don't tell anyone, but there's a Time Capsule in your closet and you may have let the 60-day MobileMe trial lapse onto your credit card. Well, here's the payoff for your loyalty:

It's an iPad dartboard. To throw darts at it, just shake your iPhone. (The two communicate over Bluetooth, much like the Scrabble iPad app.)

You can download KL Dartboard for $4, and the accompanying KL Darts are available for either free or $1, depending on whether or not you require flaming skulls on the wingtips flights. The game supports up to two players.

However, the payoff isn't the virtual dartboard. No no, friends.

You see, it's only a matter of time before that iPhone slips from your fingers and crashes into the lovely iPad. One of the devices will surely break, shattering under the might of your throw, which means you'll have to shell out the cash for a new iWhatever.


This still isn't the payoff, unless you're either Steve Jobs himself or another hefty stockholder.

The payoff is that, once you unwrap that new iPhone or iPad, you'll, for a few wonderful seconds, bask in a screen without smudges or fingerprints. And the world is perfect again. [KL Dartboard via 148apps]

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I've always wanted to see a developer tackle cross-device connectivity that doesn't assume brand loyalty. Why can't somebody make a multiplayer game that connects a DS and a PSP to make an interesting dynamic where each player has a role tied too the strengths of their device, for example?