iPaq 110 and 210 Apparently Cost Money

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From rumor to fact, we've watched as HP has revived their iPaq line. The first two units will be coming out in just two days, on October 8th. Featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, identical 624mHz processors and WM6 Pro, the cheaper 110 will run $299 while its older brother the 210 will cost $399.


Of course, with contract, they'll cost you a lot less. Wait. They're just PDA's, or, "phone companions" as the models are called in HP's press release. And there are no contract rebates for "phone companions."


Damn. [HP and HP via engadget]

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The 210's predecessor, the HX4700, was the best piece of technology I have ever owned, and when I heard HP was phasing these out, I bought 3 more of them, so I would have enough to last me until I died. Fact is, the first one I ever bought is still working fine and I never used the other ones. Doh!

The 210 basically does the same as the 4700, but they got rid of the useless touch pad which was good in theory, but useless in practice. I presume there are 2-3 years of technical advances in there too.

Unless there is some disasterous production problem, this machine will be worth the money: video player and ebook reader supreme with the bright sharp 4 inch true VGA display, all the usual PDA apps with a huge library of legacy software, and no money, weight, and functionality wasted on phone applications.

This machine will blow the iTouch away in terms of real functionality, but sadly will never garner the fanboy attention. Oh well, more for me.