HP iPAQ Photos and Specs Leaked?

Rumblings of HP's return to the hand held world are looking more solid with a complete lineup of very legitimate looking iPAQs. We'll run you through it wham-bam-thank-you-ma'm style. Hit the jump and let's do this thing.

iPAQ 914 (aka bonecrusher)
(Pictured above) This is the big model smartphone. Windows Mobile, 2.46" 240×320 px touchscreen, full QWERTY, 3 megapixel camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, GoogleMaps, HDSPA.
$800 November


iPAQ 614 (aka bonecrusher Jr)

It looks like the 914 but missing QWERTY.
$800 October

iPAQ 314 (aka red-headed stepchild)


This is actually a GPS unit not running WM6. 4.3" 800×480 display. Media playback, Outlook syncing, Bluetooth.
Price N/A

iPAQ 214 (aka walkietalkie)
It's not a phone at all, but supports VOIP through WiFi. 4" VGA display.
$500 October


iPAQ 114 (aka walkietalkie Jr)


Cheaper, smaller version of the 214.
$430 October

[unwired via mobile.se]
Thanks Jeremy!


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