iPhone 2.0 Tips: Firmware 2.0 Has A New URL Trick

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Just a quick note for you iPhone 2.0 users regarding entering domain names. In the original firmware there was a handy ".com" button when entering URLs, but you had to manually type ".org" and ".net" and ".co.uk" and other domain suffixes. Now, though, you simply hold down the ".com" button and presto, you're offered the above mentioned options as one-click entries. Why this was a priority on Apple's iPhone to-do list and cut-and-paste wasn't is puzzling, but we're still glad it's there. [TUAW]



A bit off topic, but it is iPhone related, can you help?

I did a upgrade from a jailbroken 1.1.4 to 2.0 apple factory .ipsw. Then my screen kept giving me digital "noise" and the touch portion was acting erratically. AND it kept a portion of my old jailbreak because it had my custom provider name showing instead of AT&T in the upper left corner. SO, then I did another restore and everything is cool....so far. Has anyone had this screen glitch happen? I'm wondering if I need to take it in or if it was possibly a glitch between updates and may now be fixed as it's working fine now. Just want to tackle it soon if it is my screen going out before my warranty is up in Dec.

Thanks All!!