iPhone 3G Getting MMS Support?

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iPhoneAtlas claims to have received an internal AT&T memo detailing what the iPhone 3G MMS app might look like. Even iPhoneAtlas doesn't believe that these photos are 100% real, and lookin at the button layout and the UI design, we can pretty much say that these things better NOT be real. The memo doesn't list what kind of pricing will be on this mythical MMS plan, but since the iPhone won't have any included messages on AT&T by default, expect to be paying a little extra for picture messaging if this pans out. Likelihood of this being true? Not so good. [iPhoneAtlas via Boy Genius Report]




I agree that it would be fairly simple to implement something like that, but I think Apple has some bigger fish to fry (Copy & Paste, MMS, video recording etc.). They will usually go after the most complained about features first in order to make their customers happy. For example, the new firmware will allow contact search, multiple calendars, save images from emails, more attachments supported, multiple email deletion, 3rd party apps, etc.

Those were typically the most complained about things that the 1st iPhone lacked. I'll bet that we see lowercase letters displayed on future updates, but it seems like a silly thing to complain about at this point.