iPhone 3G Rumor Accuracy Check: We Were Right(ish)!

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Last Friday, we rounded up and judged the most colorful iPhone 3G rumors floating around the tubes. Now that Steve has spilled the beans, I bet you're curious as to how accurate our thinking was. Turns out we were pretty much on target with our verdicts.

iPhone 2 to be 22% thinner. We called this one unlikely, since you'd have to ditch some of the cool stuff inside to do it. And guess what? With even more cool stuff inside, the iPhone 3G is actually a tiny .02-inches thicker, though you'd hardly notice.


Better battery, more RAM. Darnit. We called more RAM as likely, but Apple pulled a techno magic rabbit out of the hat and made the battery last longer despite the added tech.

GPS function on board. We said this could indeed be true, and Apple obliged by giving us built-in GPS and even demonstrating some location-based apps. Hoorah, now somebody please give me turn-by-turn navigation.


Squarer shape. We said "why mess with a winning design" and largely Apple didn't. In fact, the 3G is a little curvier.


Front-facing camera, mobile TV. Calling the front-facing cam "reasonably likely" was off target, since the Jesusphone 3G doesn't have one. Does that disappoint you, video-chat callers? As we guessed, mobile TV was a no too.


US low-end iPhone to cost $200. Kevin Rose turned out to be bang on target! Bless him.


Spain to get €100 iPhone 2, UK to get £100 version. Our contacts said that the €100 figure wasn't right at the time, and final pricing schemes weren't going to be announced yet. But some lucky O2 customers in the UK will be able to get one free. Free! Good grief.

iPhone to ship first week of July. We said this was possible, but our sources suggested sooner. Well, the 11th is not technically the first week of July, is it?


Quanta using FedEx to move huge numbers of iPhones. We said "anything's possible," and it is... whatever FedEx was moving about may have been iPhone 3Gs, but they haven't surfaced yet.

iPhone 2 games to cost upwards of $27. "Understandable" we said, though we noted that developers are free to set their own prices on games. And yesterday that price seemed to be $9.95. Maybe we'll see some premium stuff cost more, if it takes more effort to develop.


Things we missed? The white version was a pleasant surprise, and the addition of contact search and bulk email delete was way overdue.


There you have it. The truth is out there now, and it seems that we were reasonably accurate in our judgments. You can count on Giz. [Gizmodo's iPhone 3G Coverage]


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Of course what I wrote is speculation (minus the multiple calendar groups). So is most everything that you have said.

"Sorry if I'm the one pointing out the cold hard factual failings of the iPhone"

Dude, the phone doesn't come out for a month. You have no way to confirm that A2DP, video recording, MMS, or some other features will not be included. Just because it wasn't mentioned in the keynote doesn't mean that it won't happen (see comment on multiple calendar groups).

Also, you certainly do have the right to make retarded posts whenever and wherever you want. I never said different. Just requesting that you stop making yourself look like a moron, but I guess that is up to you.

"the iPhone 3G is still more expensive to own than any other smartphone on the market right now and does much less."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You have seriously got be kidding on this one. If not, I now understand that your retarded comments are a result of you being retarded rather than a blind Apple-hater.


Good points. There are a lot of people who don't realize that the overall cost of ownership will be relatively the same depending on how you calculate it, but even some of those people realize this, and are sold on the initial low cost (kinda like buying a PC).