iPhone 3GS and More: Everything at WWDC 2009

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Today was big for Apple, busting out hardware updates in the two hottest lines—iPhones and MacBooks—along with final details on the overhauls of their two operating systems, too. We saw everything but a tablet—and Steve Jobs.


iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3GS Complete Feature Guide
iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 3GS Comparison Chart
iPhone 3GS Video Walkthrough (Quick 4-Minute Version)
iPhone 3GS Gets Voice Control

iPhone Pricing Issues: The Untold Story
iPhone 3G Owners Will Have To Pay $200 Extra To Get iPhone 3GS Early
Old 16GB iPhone 3G to Sell for $149
The Not-So-New $99 8GB iPhone
AT&T's Tethering and MMS Support Delay—and Possible Reason For It

iPhone OS and Apps
iPhone 3.0: The Whole Story
"Find My iPhone" Is a Relief to Us Forgetful Types
App Roundup: iPhone 3.0


New MacBook Pros
New Amazingly Priced 15-Inch MacBook Pros
All-New, Low-Priced 13-Inch MacBook Pro, Plus Great Price Reductions for MacBook Air


Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Safari
Mac OSX Snow Leopard: The Whole Story (Including $29 Upgrade Price!)
Safari 4 Available, Dubbed "World's Fastest Browser"


The Whole Damn Keynote
Wish You'da Been There, Elbow To Elbow With Bloggers, Feeling Chen's Hot Breath On Your Neck? Watch This, and Imagine



To people who say Apple should've kept the ExpressCard slot instead of the SD:

I think Apple is trying to broaden their market appeal. I have a MacBook and I wish it had SOME kind of memory card reader. If anything they should complain that if they were going to put something it should have been a multi-reader; I think most "ordinary" computer users (i.e. non photographers) don't have a use for CF or ExpressCard...

At least it's a memory card reader of a format; better than not having anything at all.