iPhone 4 Delayed Again: Now July 14th

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The iPhone 4 order disaster continues, now with a new delay after AT&T suspended all sales for the device. The iPhone 4 arrival was delayed to July 2 for many pre-orders already. Now there's a new date: July 14.

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A real delay
Yesterday, many customers were promised iPhone 4 units for launch date. Later, those customers received letters saying that the date was being pushed back for them, presumably following the realization that they couldn't cope up with orders. Now we are receiving reports on Apple Store iPhone 4 June 24 pick-up orders being cancelled via email.

That's the real problem here: Many users who ordered yesterday have found they are not going to receive their phones on the promised day. Others have had their orders completely cancelled. Now they have to order again, with the July 14 date instead of the initial June 24 or July 2.

The question now is: Is the iPhone 4 a victim of its own success? Or maybe this huge clusterf*ck is a product of Apple and AT&T's incompetence? I'm inclined to think it's mostly the latter for a simple reason: There was a huge group of iPhone 3G users who never upgraded to the iPhone 3GS.

That's millions of users with two-year old iPhone 3G cellphones, waiting for this generation to update. In addition to those, AT&T authorized millions of iPhone 3GS users to upgrade to the iPhone 4. Heated up by expectation caused by the lost iPhone 4 prototype and Apple's own PR machine, It was only logical to expect this level of sales, if not even more.


But to top it up, an AT&T insider revealed that the ordering system was upgraded over the weekend, with no real testing before the launch:

I do know that there was absolutely NO TESTING of this system done before the launch of the new iPhone. I know it's just heresay at this point, but I can confirm that there was a major outage over the weekend that impacted all ordering systems and programs, and I can confirm that there were multiple systems being upgraded/updated, with some updates being related to fraud.


That's not only a bad projection in iPhone 4 upgrades. Any IT person knows that this is reckless.

The questions now: Would the order cancellations continue? How would they fix the mishaps? Are there going to be any more delays?


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So an item that is incredibly popular sold out quickly and now won't be available for three weeks after the initial sale date. Don't worry, you'll get your phone in mid-July vs. late June and your life will continue. I promise.