Illustration for article titled iPhone 6S Plus Teardown: Bigger, Heavier, Slightly Smaller Battery

We’ve already seen inside the iPhone 6, and now iFixit has torn apart its larger sibling, too. This is what lurks within the iPhone 6 Plus.

The guys at iFixit have been busy with their screwdrivers and torn the new, larger iPhone apart. Here are some choice findings:

  • The display assembly weighs 80g — 33 percent more than that of the 6 Plus.
  • The battery capacity is 2750 mAh, which is only 165 mAh smaller than last year’s model.
  • Generally, it’s pretty much the same in there as the 6S, and it’s equally easy to open up if you need to change the battery.

The 6S Plus gains the same repairability score of 7 out of 10 as its smaller brother.


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