iPhone Adding IM and Picture Messaging?

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Blogger (and early iPhone adopter) Jordan Golson just got this text message on his iPhone this morning:

AT&T FREE Msg: Good News, your messaging package now includes text, picture & instant messages all for the same price of $19.99 per month. No action required


Could this mean we can finally send pictures via MMS (multimedia message service) and get IM? The thing is, none of your intrepid GizEditors got a message like this. Sounds like a hiccup and a dream. Readers? [MacApper]

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I hope so. Because when friends send me a photo to my phone, AT&T give me a link to a site (www.viewmymessage.com) to receive my picture. And guess what? The Photo is embedded in a flash player movie. What does this mean? I can't view it on my iPhone because Safari does not support Flash Player. What dumb ass set this up???? I'm so pissed about who is running these departments. Poor communication and poor management.