iPhone Apps Save Man Trapped in Haiti

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An American filmmaker trapped in the Haitian earthquake used his iPhone in some pretty ingenious ways to survive until he could be rescued 65 hours later. It's like a digital multitool!

Dan Woolley was caught under a pile of rubble when the earthquake hit, injuring both his leg and his head. A first-aid app instructed him on the best way to create a tourniquet for his leg and a bandage for his head, and even warned him against falling asleep after head trauma—so he set his iPhone's alarm clock to go off every 20 minutes as a precaution.


Evidently the strategies worked, because he survived long enough to be rescued 65 hours later and reunited with his family. I can't figure out exactly which app he used, which is mildly inconvenient since now I'll have to download every first-aid app I can find. [MSNBC via Wired]