iPhone Apps We Like: QuickVoice Voice Recorder Is Great For Field Journos

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If you're covering an event and already carrying a huge gear bag with a laptop, camera, emergency Cliff bars and all the rest, QuickVoice is a welcome replacement for a standalone digital voice recorder. We like QuickVoice as a late addition to our favorites for its pause feature, which allows you to start and stop recordings without creating a whole new clip.


The only hitch is you can't email the clips out from the phone, but how often do you actually need to keep your quick audio notes? Just break out the headphones, transcribe, delete. Done. [Ed. Note: I love emailing the clips from my Olympus digital voice recorder so I can email them to India and have them transcribed overnight.] Quality and range won't match a dedicated recorder, but definitely get the job done-I was able to hear my voice well enough to transcribe talking quietly from the other side of a 12-foot room. There are a couple other voice recorders in the store, but at $1.99 we're liking QuickVoice. [QuickVoice, Our Favorite Apps, App Review Marathon]



Good god, how many iPhone apps are you guys going to review? All of them? As if we can't find them ourselves in the same app store you visit.

Couldn't you guys just stick to reporting things that are newsworthy for a tech blog, like Installer apps?

If not, can someone remind me how I can get a different RSS feed or custom link or something so I don't have to see these articles?