Our Favorite iPhone Apps

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After two weeks of using the iPhone 2.0 full-time, each of us here has developed a fondness for a handful of apps that we can't live without. Some of them show up in just about everyone's top five (Yelp, Facebook), and some of them we'll just attribute to the guy being a weirdo (MooCowMusic's Band). Here they are in an order that I deem most appropriate. Basically, the ones I like are up front.


• Remote: Control your iTunes or Apple TV over the network from anywhere inside your house. I've got a great setup for this that basically broadcasts music to every room of my home, which I will detail in a review next week.

• AIM: It's no iChat and it's not multi-service capable, but it is AIM and it does exactly what you think it does. We covered its shortcomings in the App Marathon, it's still quite a good product.

Pageonce: The personal assistant that keeps all your online accounts synced to one place for easy reference.

Twinkle: The Twitter app that we loved on Installer.app makes its way to the iPhone. Why do we like Twitter? Because we're Twitter Shitters.


• Facebook: It's like regular Facebook, but with less functionality! It's fast though, and you can see what that guy who randomly added you is up to.


• Fulpower Motionx-Poker: The realistic dice game gives you something to do when you really, really need to shake things.


• Yelp: Its current location-based search helped us find some good eats when we were down in LA for E3, and should be a good go-to tool if you're visiting a new city.

Midomi: The free song recognition app can tell you what tune that is on the radio or blaring out of the speakers down at A&F. Beats having to call in to ask.


Pandora: It's Pandora (the smart radio station) on the iPhone. Makes up for only having 16GB of your music at once.


• NYTimes: Read the NYTimes from the comfort of your iPhone, because Safari isn't quite good enough.


• EverNote: The note-taking app that makes it super easy to jot down or record random thoughts you want to remember later.

• Zenbe: A to-do list that you can sync to a webapp online or share with others. Great way to make collaborative shopping lists that both you and your wife can check off while in the supermarket. Divide and conquer makes grocery time twice as fast.


• MooCowMusic Band: You can fake play instruments.

• CityTransit: A guide to the NYC subway. Obviously, only useful for some of us.

• UrbanSpoon: Its like Yelp, but has a random slot-machine feature that can pick a restaurant for you to eat at. Pretty neat if you want to vary up your dining experience.


• BoxOffice: Look up show times for movies in theaters that are within X distance of your current location.


pandora is MONO, not stereo! 2008, and mono!! sad...