iPhone Battery Replacement Plan Details

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You probably know by now that the iPhone only lasts about 300-400 charges —and that's most likely full charges, not topping it off from 80% to 100% at night—before you have to send it into Apple for a replacement.[Updated: That's wrong. Here's proof.] Apple's just thrown up a page saying it's going to be $79 with $6.95 shipping, which is $85.95 per phone when you send yours in.


Sending it in also wipes out all your saved data, so you'll have to resync it (but it also wipes out your text messages and email, which you may not be able to resync). Hopefully nobody will have to deal with this for another year or two. Apple Battery Replacement Program [Apple]


I was under the impression from past experience that topping off does, indeed, count. I charge my phone nightly, along with other devices, and any devices I charge nightly typically need a new battery after about a year to a year and a half. That falls right in line with their projections of when the battery will need to be replaced.

So $86 every year plus the luxury of losing some of my data and being without my phone for several days? That's crap.

I've used an iPhone now and I think the thing's incredible, but it's these nagging details like this that keep me from actually considering one even remotely seriously.