iPhone Campout Maps: SF, NY, Pasadena

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Gripskipper, our sister blog dedicated to wandering the world has mapped out guides for those camping out for iPhones. They'll show you where the nearest food, coffee, WiFi, bathrooms, lodging are in relation to Apple Stores across the country.


Here we've got a 5th Avenue NYC Store ("The Cube") and SF's Stonestown ("Half Way to Little Manila"), as well as Pasadena ("Where you at!").

Previous maps for iPhone campouts in other cities, after the jump.

Joel Johnson and I had a conversation about the iPhone campouts. When are they going to happen? Our bets are that the true believers will start lining up on Monday, and the rest of the fanboys the night before, on Thursday the 28th.

NYC Campout [Gridskipper]

SF Campout [Gridskipper]

LA Campout [Gridskipper]


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