iPhone Countdown Calendar and Delivery Calculator

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Pretty, huh?

I was thinking about how far away June 29th is for iPhone fans. So Jesus Diaz and I came up with this idea of a countdown calendar that you can cross off the dates on, as we inch toward launch. An idea is just an idea, though. All the design work you see above belongs to JD.

It also has second feature:

Part of me believes that there'll be a massive Wii-like drought, and only the diehard Mactards that wait in line overnight will get theirs on day 0. It's a long shot, but it could be. You can use this calendar as a calculator for when you'll get your iPhone. When I say calculator, I mean dart board.


Since the shortage is pure speculation, we leave the math up to the chance landing of a dart. Instead of monkeys, Gizmodo readers. Just throw a dart once, and come up with the month. Throw a second dart to come up with the day. Throw a third dart to come up with the time of day. Silly, I know.


If you're wondering, this dartboard's earlier incarnation was to be a guessing game for the iPhone launch date when it was unknown. Jesus Diaz IM'd me with a finished copy minutes after the first "June 29th" commercials aired. It was a little frustrating for the both of us, but we're happy enough sharing this work with you here.

At the very least, you can print it out and put it on your cubicle wall.

iPhone Countdown Calculator and Delivery Calendar (PDF)