iPhone Developers Get Push Notification API

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Apple's just seeded the push notification API to developers through the second beta release of the iPhone 2.1 firmware. What this means to you is that developers can now tailor their apps to receive notifications in the background while it's not running, something supremely useful for apps like AIM, and to a lesser extent, Twitter and other social networking apps. The target date back at WWDC for when you'd get your hands on the background notification was September, which seems right seeing as developers need a month or so to integrate it and then get their apps approved. Now *bling* you can *bling* always *bling* know when someone *bling* is trying to *bling* get ahold of you. *bling* [Apple Insider]


This is great.

1. How will this affect battery life? Battery life on iPhone 3G is abysmal compared to the first iPhone.

2. Does me no good... I applied to their dev program the day it was announced and I still have not been accepted. Yes, I can get the SDK and such, but I haven't been granted the wonderful opportunity to pay Apple $99 to publish my app. Guess nobody will ever see my push notification flashlight app.