iPhone for Business Is Now in Business

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The iPhone is now available for the corporate world: AT&T has released the iPhone for enterprise users. The plans require a two-year service agreement, and they go from $45 to $65, all of them including unlimited domestic web and email traffic, plus unlimited messaging at the top. They also have $25 (20MB/month) and $60 (50MB/month) world data transfer plans, so you can get a 297-page iPhone bill instead of getting a 300-page one. [AT&T]





Especially after the SDK, I think this phone will be great for Enterprise users. Exchange support can be built in via an update through third-party developers after that time. I doubt it will take much for someone to develop such a tool.

I mean no offense, but I suspect you have never managed a BES or Good server before.

There is an enormous amount of control in these devices, pretty much all of which is necessary in a corporate environment. You need to be able to control exactly what is on those phones, and remotely erase them if an employee gives notice. It is not just a matter of being able to sync email, calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks — that is the easy part. The tough part comes in controlling the devices that have that sensitive corporate information.

Keep in mind, from a corporate sense, the cost of the phone is peanuts. The real money is the data that is on it, and without complete control of the device that has that data, there are very few companies that would even consider it.