The Madness Begins with a 300-Page AT&T Bill for iPhone

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Click to view[UPDATED: Check Justine's interview after the jump] Following this weekend's Gore Alert post, Justine Ezarik —of JustinTV fame— has just received her first iPhone bill. Three. Hundred. Pages. See her unwrapping the package from AT&T in the video after the jump.


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Come back later to find out what she got for her 300 pages. For that size, I'd want oiled-up Greek boys—or failing that, Spanish ones.


Addy: What were you doing with your iPhone to merit a 300-page breakdown?

Justine: Mostly just texts, which I believe was almost 30,000. I only used about 200 of the 900 minutes [of talk.]

Addy: Was that more use than your Treo?

Justine: That's about average of what I've have on my Treo, which I still haven't got rid of it. Thankfully this bill didn't take into account the texts I still recieved on that phone of we'd have a few extra pages for sure.

Addy; So how much was the total?

Justine: The bill came to $274.81. Supposedly I have unlimited text/data so most of the charges I'm assuming were activation and a prorated bill. That's what it looks like anyway!


Addy: And how much did it cost AT&T to send that monster?

Justine: As far as sending the package, I ripped off the label, but I think it was around $7 to send.

Thanks Justine! [Tasty Blog Snack and Justine's live stream on]




I bet half her bill is just subsidizing the Color laser printer that they used to print her bill out (wow how recursive). Seriously, the paper might as well be free but the printing and mailing costs are astronomical. Those things cost about 10 cents a page, single sided. Just to print the bill alone was $30. Mailing it probably cost another $10.