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The Madness Begins with a 300-Page AT&T Bill for iPhone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Click to view[UPDATED: Check Justine's interview after the jump] Following this weekend's Gore Alert post, Justine Ezarik —of JustinTV fame— has just received her first iPhone bill. Three. Hundred. Pages. See her unwrapping the package from AT&T in the video after the jump.


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Come back later to find out what she got for her 300 pages. For that size, I'd want oiled-up Greek boys—or failing that, Spanish ones.



Addy: What were you doing with your iPhone to merit a 300-page breakdown?

Justine: Mostly just texts, which I believe was almost 30,000. I only used about 200 of the 900 minutes [of talk.]

Addy: Was that more use than your Treo?

Justine: That's about average of what I've have on my Treo, which I still haven't got rid of it. Thankfully this bill didn't take into account the texts I still recieved on that phone of we'd have a few extra pages for sure.

Addy; So how much was the total?

Justine: The bill came to $274.81. Supposedly I have unlimited text/data so most of the charges I'm assuming were activation and a prorated bill. That's what it looks like anyway!


Addy: And how much did it cost AT&T to send that monster?

Justine: As far as sending the package, I ripped off the label, but I think it was around $7 to send.

Thanks Justine! [Tasty Blog Snack and Justine's live stream on]