iPhone Getting Spotlight Search in 2008

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Gene Munster predicts that the iPhone's next major update will come in February 2008, and along with the long-awaited SDK the iPhone will get Spotlight-like search functionality. That would make searching mail a lot better than it is now*. [AppleInsider]
*can't do it


@ BANMOJO : It's often referred to as "SpIM" short for spam over IM. I guess it would apply to texting as well since txting is pretty much IM over cellular networks.

As far as charging for incoming texts: welcome to america, every carrier does it unless you pay an additional monthly fee. I screw with my friends all the time using my unlimited txt plan on my sidekick and the ability to copy and paste/mass message people. Send the same message to a person 500 times. When theyre only alotted 250 txts a month and 10 cents per txt after, you just tacked on 25 bucks to their bill. :)

Meanwhile, I too am waiting for a 16 (or dare *I* say it, 32GB) version of the iphone. Hopefully a version that includes copy and paste so I can continue with the aforementioned practical joking. :)