iPhone Isn't Really Widescreen

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The iPhone isn't widescreen. Not true widescreen, at any rate. Careful analysis by CNet has shown that the iPhone's aspect ratio is 1.5:1 instead of we typically take widescreen to mean, 1.78:1 (16x9). This means that you'll have to have letterbox "real" widescreen programming in order to maintain the proper aspect ratio. (Or you could zoom in, but that's just about the worst idea ever.) Is the iPhone falling apart at the seams? Coupled with yesterday's news of a potential user backlash, Apple may have to get its PR gurus to convince us that the iPhone is still as great as we thought it'd be.

iPhone's downsized wide screen [Crave: the gadget blog via Digg]

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who ever wrote that article is an idiot.. Jobs actually demoed zooming in and out of a movie that became slightly letter box as it was zoomed out.. do you want a really skinny phone the same length or do you want a huge phone the same width.. they did as they should.. figure out how bid the phone should be and then put as big a screen on it as they could... not just for widescreen viewing but so it could be wide for other application... would it have been better if the screen was just skinnier and the same length and it would qualify as "wide screen" but suck for every other application.. NO that would be stupid!

again.. Jobs demo'd this so what did that Einstein at Crave really "discover".. idiot.. they are really grasping at straws now i think...